Absolute Horizon


Absolute Horizon is a gamedev studio that was founded in 2019. We have an unrestrained desire to create and share our passion with others, which - we hope - will one day become something more. Creativity and common passion are qualities that can guarantee the path to success. We jointly want to achieve it and give players what they expect from game developers today.


We are opposed to shredding games for an insignificant basic version and dozen different paid additions that together will be able to imitate what was promised in the trailers and announcements. Our policy is based on a full product that does not require the player to pay extra for additional content, often necessary to facilitate gameplay.

Beekeeper on Steam

BEEKEEPER is a game of the genre of independent economic strategy, in which you will take on the role of a debut beekeeper, making his first steps in the honey business. You will take the helm of your own company and lead it to the top of the rankings in the local newspaper. Plan and implement your vision of your own apiary and lead it to the top of popularity. Organize the areas for the construction of beehives and other elements and make sure that your bees lack nothing. Use the earned funds to invest in new areas for beehives construction and offer honey of higher quality.



In the future, we plan to create and release better and better products, meeting the ever-increasing demands of our customers. This place will be filled one day, proudly presenting our next projects.


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