Do you dream of your own game? Or maybe you want to encourage students in your institution to learn or are you looking for ways to promote your product? In these and similar cases, our service will definitely work, consisting in the comprehensive creation of a computer game from scratch, which can serve both as a great advertisement and an ideal and accessible form of education.


We offer:

  • interactive quizzes - which will become an ideal tool for educating and checking the acquired knowledge.
  • computer games (advertising) - which are an ideal form of advertising your product. A game-driven subliminal message about your product will make potential customers more likely to buy it.
  • computer games (educational) - this is one of the best forms of education. Mobilizing a player who wants to achieve the goal (win the game / get the best result) will make his brain absorb the necessary knowledge much faster. In addition, the audiovisual setting will contribute to the fact that the acquired knowledge will stay with him for longer!

The creative process of each of the above-mentioned products consists of:

  • Collaboration on a game or quiz concept.
  • Detailed description of the game / quiz and its dependencies.
  • Programming the game using a specialized engine.
  • Development of project graphics.
  • Developing the animation of objects in the game.
  • Audio production, with the selection of the right audio formats.

We create games for the following platforms and systems:

  • Windows system
  • Linux system
  • Mac OS system
  • HTML5 (can be placed e.g. on your website)

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