Our history...

...is made step by step.

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October 2018

Studying begins. Kacper and Kuba, not knowing each other yet, chose the same field of study and university - computer science at the University of Białystok. They quickly realized that they had very similar interests and a surprisingly great need to create...

August 2019

"Beekeeper" is already a playable product, although it requires a few more cuts. A decision is made to introduce it to one of the most popular distribution platforms - Steam. At the same time, a certain City Hall receives an application for establishing a new company - Absolute Horizon. This is the legal beginning of Kacper and Kuba's activities.

September 2020

We put a lot of work into improving our first game. "Beekeeper" has already received some positive reviews, but this is only the Early Access phase, during which we are still working on the game. In the meantime, we manage to get into the ranking of fourteen best students at our faculty, and the University provides us with an internship at the Technology Park, where we gather experience at Moose Inc.

November 2018

A decision had been made. Let's try to create a computer game together! This is how the idea of creating "Beekeeper" - the first Absolute Horizon game, focused on running and managing your own apiary was born.

October 2019

The university became interested in our activities! With the help of the press spokesman, we were able to give several interviews about the game, including for television, radio and newspapers. We even became "Faces of the University"! Soon after, we received a scholarship that we decided to invest in our company.

Absolute Horizon is a passionate company that focuses on 
creating entertainment and educational software. 
It was founded in 2019 by Kacper Stasiełuk and Jakub Sperski.

“Absolute Horizon is a way to express yourself, while giving the joy of the game to another person. Joy and motivation are powerful driving forces.„

Kacper Stasiełuk

“Absolute Horizon is more than just a company. It is a family without which success would not be possible. We make our dreams come true, we go for ours.„

Jakub Sperski